As for the URL re writing, my link references always start with

As for the URL re writing, my link references always start with

When Newton arrived in Cambridge in 1661, the movement now known as the scientific revolution was well advanced, and many of the works basic to modern science had appeared. Astronomers from Copernicus to Kepler had elaborated the heliocentric system of the universe. Galileo had proposed the foundations of a new mechanics built on the principle of inertia.

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replica goyard wallet But this is pretty inflexible and will make the management of your CSS code quite hard.I find that a mix of both approaches works best. When you think of using Theme’s, you should only be creating css files, images, skin files that control the look and feel of the site (changing colors or logos, etc) between different themes.This way you can ensure that structurally the site will remain consistent and you can always include those css files in a master page, then apply theming to change just the look and feel.As for the URL re writing, my link references always start with the / to make sure that the server knows to always start at the root of the server to find the necessary files. So my link for my structural css files would always be:I have to admit that I haven used URL re writing extensively so I cannot speak to the fact that the app_theme files wouldn be included correctly, but there might Goyard Replica belts be some property that can achieve this setting. replica goyard wallet

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