Blake Francis scored 23 points for the Bulldogs

Blake Francis scored 23 points for the Bulldogs

“It’s not something I would have done. If it was me cheap nfl jerseys, I would have contacted the teams and asked them about it, that’s what I would have done,” said Moose coach Claude Noel, who won a Calder Cup with the Bears as a player back in 1980 and spent five years under the wing of Winnipegger and legendary Hershey builder Frank Mathers. “It’s my opinion, but this isn’t something Frank Mathers, who was top shelf and a class act and really respectful of the game, would have done.

wholesale jerseys from china .Westfield, which edged Woodside the previous night, dominated Oscar Smith 74 56 for the 6A crown just like the Bulldogs defeated the Tigers in this school year’s state football final.Near the game’s end, Westfield fans chanted “just like football” toward Smith fans. The game wasn’t in doubt long, as the Bulldogs took a 14 2 lead.Blake Francis scored 23 points for the Bulldogs, hitting all 14 of his free throws. He’s the son of Bethel High graduate Carl Francis, the communications director of the NFL Players Association.Also for Westfield, Boston University bound Tyler Scanlon had 22 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists, and Hank Johnson had 18 points and seven rebounds.Jaiden Morris, who will play for George Mason, netted 33 of her 37 points in a first half that ended with Monacan ahead 60 31.Also in that first half, the Chiefs’ Megan Walker one of the nation’s top players had 10 points, 10 rebounds and three steals. wholesale jerseys from china

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